Recommend Pace for The Price Action Lectures

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Recommend Pace for The Price Action Lectures

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Here is Eric's recommended pace to work through The Price Action Lectures:

The course has built in elements to allow for ease of absorption to observe specific aspects which build over time.

The elements from the first 3 lectures serve as a critical foundation which the 4 Lecture series then develops.

While everyone is different, the following is a brief recommendation (based on homework to absorb the critical elements too).

Lectures 1-3: 0-2 weeks (1 being an average).
Lectures within 4: 1-2 per week as each has study observations to review through a year of charts. This chart review and the elements is important to allow individuals to see the variety of effects which occur within the space of a year or more. There is great variety which can be absorbed through this process. After awhile, when trading live, one will begin to feel more comfortable with the market because the market "repeats" in some sense, and does have structure.

Lectures within 5: 1 per week with simulation to reinforce.

Lecture 7 is special. This process, if done in sequence may take a month, and will change perceptions.

Please note the market observation drill which begins at the beginning of the course. This drill is important and should be maintained throughout the course.

The Quizzes are aligned with the specific modules. Run each one as if it was a bar x bar drill. Observe choices as well as the differences in the solutions.